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NO chimney or gas REQUIRED

Bio-ethanol fireplaces • Real flames, chimneyfree, now also available for your home

Do you want to enjoy a real fire, but do you lack a chimney or a gas pipe? The bioethanol fireplaces of BIO-O! offer the solution! No smoke, no soot, no harmful emissions. This means you can place the fireplace anywhere you want!
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Why choose BIO-O!

Find out more about the fully automatic BIO-O! fireplace system on bioethanol and discover why we call this bio fire a real fireplace.

Fully electrically controlled

BIO-O! is equipped with an automatic ignition system. With the push of a button you can enjoy the cosy fire of your bio fireplace. The fuel is automatically drawn from the reservoir, so you don’t have to refill it manually. You can run  up to 20 hours with one tank.

Exceptional fireplace look

The ultrathin line burner is beautifully set up in a stone setting of your choice. This gives a real fireplace look like we are used to with a gas fire. This also looks good when the bio-ethanol fire is not burning.


The biofuel supply is located separately from the burner. The burn process is followed by a microcomputer. The bioethanol fireplace complies with the CE standard, but goes even further in terms of safety.


The fireplace is very easy to install. Hang or put the appliance in its place, plug the power cord into the socket, connect the tube to the external fuel thank and ready. Press the start button and enjoy your fireplace at home. It’s really that simple.

Now also real flames at your home, in a way that fits you best.

Let us inspire you...

A biofireplace from BIO-O! gives you freedom. You can install the fireplace in an endless different ways.
Below you will find a small selection of previously completed projects.

Now also fire at your home

Choose BIO-O!

Since no technical knowledge is required, you can work with a partner of your choice for the realisation of your fireplace idea. Make your fireplace idea concrete and configure your fireplace to fit your design. Send us your configuration and receive your quotation... Order your BIO-O!, you can count on our services, with more than 10 years of experience, to accompany your project. We deliver your bio-ethanol fireplace to your partner and provide the right support for the realisation of your project, safely and correctly.


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